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Polyamory, Kink and Fetish Informed Therapy

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For every type of relationship, we are here to help you master the level of fulfillment you and your partner(s) deserve. Whether you are polyamorous, have an open marriage, swing, kink, or even are in a non-sexual relationship, we can help. Our therapists are educated and trained to be sure that your relationship needs are met with knowledge, compassion, and support for the way you want to grow. According to a Psychology Today article by Susan Wright, “the most frequent kink behaviors engaged in by 75% to 90% of practitioners were bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, spanking, leather, role-playing, exhibitionism, polyamory, clothing fetish and voyeurism.”

Kink:  Sex outside of the Norm

Typical “normative” sex between consenting partners can be called “vanilla.” What is Vanilla to one person can be kinky to another. Often times kink is a broad term used to describe sexual activity that may include fetishes, power plays between “tops” and “bottoms,” and other kinds of sexual and non-sexual experimentation. At JCA Mental Health, you do not have to worry about judgment or a lack of knowledge about anything your relationship embodies or needs.

Polyamory Can Be Wonderful, But it Takes Work

Love is boundless, and you and your partners might have many ways you’d like to share and experience love. Open relationships and polyamorous relationships require three key ingredients: truth, communication, and education. Our therapists are armed with the best resources and training to help your relationship flourish. We work on jealousy as it is normal for it to come up. Through counseling and focusing on your core issue beneath that jealousy, we can counsel you towards compersion. Compersion is the feeling of joy one gets knowing their partner is being fulfilled by a metamour.  From differences in how partners engage in poly relationships to dealing with consent and safety, we can help.

Exploring is encouraged and Communication is Key

In therapy, we can work with partner constellations to work on communication strategies and tactics to be sure everyone in the relationship is clear, consenting, and confident. Although each partner may want to explore differently, through good communication all needs can be met without constant conflict or control. Polyamory is about the desire to love more than one person, and we all love differently. Every couple, throuple or polycule has their own rules…counseling can help ensure the love you share is complete and fulfilling based upon your individual needs.

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