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Being Queer can create barriers to getting good mental health care. We take those barriers away. A therapist must know the nuances of the queer community. Queer is an identity that is laden with many definitions, expressions, and ways of being. It is imperative to find a therapist that knows and understands the issues of being queer, that it is NOT a mental health diagnosis, and understands both the in-group and out-group marginalization that can impact a queer person. Being queer increases the chance of mental health issues due to stigma and a lack of understanding of the barriers you may be facing that impedes feeling good about yourself.

Having a Queer therapist helps.

Knowing that someone has a similar lived experience can make the process of choosing a therapist much less stressful. Whether what you are looking to explore is part of your queer identity or just part of life in general, a therapist who navigates the same waters can be very calming and safe. Being queer, much like being bisexual, pansexual, agender, or gender fluid, seems to attract a lot of questions in the cisgender heterosexual community. You may be dealing with microaggressions that others may not even consider.  The stigma we face is real, regardless of what year it is or who is currently in office. You need someone who understands the context of your issues and goals.

Community Connection Counts

Sometimes therapy with queer folks requires therapists to have a connection to community resources, groups, pride organizations, medical providers, and social spaces. At JCA Mental Health, we are very tied to the LGBTQIA++ community and are networked with other LGBTQIA++ providers all over the state of Illinois. Whether you are looking to join a social meetup or want a referral for an affirming primary care provider, we can help. JCA Mental Health supports several community groups and continues to meet with those groups monthly to keep up with the resources available to you.

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Queer people have relationships of varying constellations, issues, and strengths. Finding a therapist who is queer or even an informed ally will help you avoid strategies and counseling that are deeply rooted in heteronormative thinking. Explore your relationships safely and know that your counselor understands there is no limit to how a queer person can be, both individually and in relationships. From the language we use to the ongoing training and cultural competence continuing education, you will find a therapist who is queer or is a very well-trained ally with whom to work. Stop educating your therapist and start finding yourself.  JCA Mental Health has openings for you today!

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