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Lesbian women have a host of issues that are related to their gender, the dynamics of their relationships, and long-lasting stigma. They also carry all of the gender issues of being women in our patriarchal society. Counseling can help process many things, however, your therapist must be well educated on the world in which lesbian women exist.

Identities within Identities

Whether you identify as butch, femme, or any other identity within the lesbian spectrum, there is a stigma that remains in female/female relationships. Old perceptions that butch/femme couples are “just play-acting heteronormative relationship dynamics” are still present in some women’s lives. The power and control dynamics in lesbian relationships are different, and it is important for your therapist to understand those differences. Your therapist should be able to honor and elevate the way you express and understand partner dynamics. Additionally, abuse and IPV can be as prevalent in female/female relationships. These dynamics do not have a connection to “traditional gender roles.” Furthermore, butch lesbians who are exploring their gender identities can have even more stigma placed upon them both in and out-groups.

Non-Traditional Relationships among Lesbian partners

We are kink and fetish informed and educated on non-monogamous partner systems. Whether you are in a monogamous, vanilla relationship or something different, we know the language and the boundaries of those relationship systems. Non-monogamous relationships can be very fulfilling and healthy, and we have therapists to help you navigate your relationship. Another common issue in lesbian partnerships is when one partner undergoes gender transition. This can raise issues of identity in the cisgender partner, and JCA Mental Health provides a safe space to process and learn about yourself on a deeper level.

When sexuality or relationship isn’t the problem… we see it

LGBT folks have higher levels of mental health issues because of stigma and marginality. When you come for therapy to work on anxiety, your therapist isn’t going to guide you down a wormhole of your identity.  You present your issue, we have the responsibility to contextualize it in a way that presents solutions that lead to healthier, happier living. We don’t assume your problem is your sexuality because all sexuality is healthy. It is relieving to know that you can come as you are with whatever you’d like to explore, and that is what will happen.

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