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Counseling for Gender Diverse Folks

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Is gender counseling a thing? What is gender counseling about anyway? Since we know that there is a spectrum of genders, from Cisgender female and male to Intersex to nonbinary to transgender on various ends of the binary… gender counseling can be a great way to meet with someone who speaks your language and can clearly understand where you are in your process. Gender counseling allows you the space to be connected with someone who gets it and can safely sit in a space where you can focus on where you are feeling discomfort or awareness about your journey.

Can I find support anywhere? What kind of therapist should I be looking for?

When you are looking for a gender therapist, the most crucial thing to look for is someone who has training and expertise in gender. Not all therapists are trained on LGBTQIA++ issues, more specifically gender issues. There are several sources of training for therapists to become competent providers for gender-diverse folks.  Look for sources like WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) trained, lists of CEU training, and numbers of years providing support to gender-diverse individuals, or look for gender-diverse therapists themselves. Also, look to see if they have had training on gender diversity, trans rights, and both medical and non-medical interventions. No one gender-diverse client is the same as another.

What kind of person should pursue Gender Counseling?

Gender therapy is a great way to focus on the social, emotional, mental, and physical needs of a person who is questioning their gender identity. This can manifest in many different ways. Some folks feel discomfort with aspects of gender or body, some folks feel discomfort internally or emotionally, and some may be dealing with gender dysphoria and just need to find out a way to learn what will bring relief and help them move forward. Depending on the individual, gender counseling can illuminate the gender-affirming interventions you want to pursue, educating you on the benefits and risks and providing a gate-free approach to writing letters of support should that be required.

What you won’t experience with an JCA Mental Health Gender Therapist

Diagnosis. Assumption. Lack of information. Lack of vocabulary. You will avoid any and all talk of what you “should” do and receive information and connection to the people, places, and procedures that you want to know about. No judgment, no directing, no limiting, and certainly no outing. This is a safe space, first and foremost, and you should be able to explore yourself in the way that you want and in the time that feels most comfortable for you.

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