LGBTQIA++ Affirming Counseling

LGBTQIA++ Affirming Counseling

LGBTQIA++ Affirming Counseling in the Chicagoland Area

Exploring and expressing your unique identity is an ongoing process that can leave many LGBTQIA++ people feeling misunderstood and alone, leading to bigger feelings of isolation and depression. At JCA Mental Health, we understand the stress and anxiety that can be experienced as a result of ongoing negative attention or bias, and we provide resources and support to help people facing this stigma. To learn more about our LGBTQIA++ affirming counseling services in Illinois, reach out to us directly today. 

What Is LGBTQIA++ Affirming Counseling?  

We all face challenges related to our identity and well-being, but for people in the LGBTQIA++ community, there are unique social and cultural factors that enhance these challenges. One clinical term used to describe this issue is chronic minority stress, sometimes referred to as the minority stress model. It asserts that LGBTQIA++ people face “unique and hostile stressors,” such as homophobic victimization, related to their identity. These stressors have a negative impact on these individuals’ health, creating cumulative psychological distress (Comprehensive Clinical Psychology (Second Edition), 2022).

JCA Mental Health Specializes in LGBTQIA++ Affirming Therapy

Counseling that is LGBTQIA++ affirming recognizes that there is nothing to “fix” about your sexual identity or gender, and you will never be asked to justify your identity with our therapists. Our experience working with LGBTQIA++ and BIPOC people, along with our diverse staff, means you won’t need to spend time explaining your identity – you can focus on your growth from day one with a therapist who understands your experiences.

Affirming and exploring sexual identity and orientation are just one aspect of how LGBTQIA++ informed therapy can be helpful. Our culturally competent therapists can also assist you in identifying goals, learning more about yourself, and fully realizing your potential and path in life.

Why Seek an LGBTQIA++ Affirming Therapist?  

Having a therapist who affirms one’s identity and who understands the unique issues faced by the LGBTQIA++ community can be essential to healing. At JCA Mental Health, our approach is focused on helping you to better understand your life, your journey, and the influence of external factors on your psychological well-being.

Our practice is affiliated with Lurie Children’s Hospital’s Gender-Affirming Clinicians Collaborative and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). We also root our practice in standards set by the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Counseling. Further, all of our counselors have completed the ACA modules for Gender Conforming therapy.

The Value of Individual Counseling 

Regardless of how you identify, individual counseling has many benefits. Some of the advantages of working with a therapist and seeking individual counseling include:

  • Enhancing one’s ability to see things from a new perspective and understand different worldviews;
  • Learning more about one’s self, goals, ambitions, traumas, triggers, thoughts, and behaviors;
  • Developing coping skills for managing emotions and behaviors in the face of stressors and triggers;
  • Improving the ability to articulate one’s emotions and feelings; and
  • Improving communication skills, especially in situations of conflict or high emotion.

Get in Touch with our LGBTQIA++ Therapists Today

At JCA Mental Health, we are here to support you on your life journey. Our gender-affirming approach values who you are as an individual. To learn more about our services for LGBTQIA++ affirming counseling near you, please reach out to us directly by phone or online.

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