Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss

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We often hear that grief is a part of life. But that statement underestimates the true impact of losing someone or something important to you. Whether you’ve lost a dear loved one, had to part with a beloved pet, or missed a major life opportunity, therapy can help you find stable footing when everything seems uncertain. At JCA Mental Health, you’ll discover healthy ways to manage your grief so you can get back on track. Therapy is a safe place where you can openly discuss your feelings. Rather than forcing yourself to “move on” after a significant loss, we want you to learn how to move forward with the grief as you continue to shape into the best version of yourself.

Have You Experienced Grief or Loss?

Loss happens in many areas of our lives. Most commonly, grief is associated with the loss of someone important through death, although many other situations may also evoke it. All of us have been impacted by a loss at some point, but no two people have the same exact experience.

You should consider therapy for grief if you relate to the following:

  • You feel overwhelmed by shock.
  • You aren’t sure how to manage the pain and move forward.
  • You are dealing with expressions of grief that are physical, psychological, and emotional.
  • You have difficulty seeing the positives in your everyday life.

Grief is an incredibly strong—and often complex—feeling, and as a result, it’s not always easy to cope with. While some describe the grieving process as a six-step process, it’s not always that straightforward. Getting from point A to point B involves a series of highs and lows as you continue to work through your emotions. Throughout this time, you should talk to a licensed therapist if you are having trouble progressing forward.

Moving Forward with Grief

There’s no single, universal way to cope with grief. Everyone has unique experiences with loss, so don’t feel like you “should” or “shouldn’t” feel a certain way. That being said, feeling hopeless or trapped after a loss is a sign that you may benefit from speaking with a therapist. Counseling gives you space to process your emotions in a healthy way while honoring them as they happen. Our therapists provide a toolbox of coping skills. We can assist you with:

  • Recognizing where you are in the grieving process
  • Learning to embrace emotions as you continue to make progress
  • Adopting productive ways to cope
  • Discovering healthy methods for moving forward

Feeling Stuck? Contact a Grief & Loss Therapist Today

Grief can often make it feel like time has stopped. You aren’t sure how to forward, but you don’t want to stay where you are, either. Grief is a necessary part of moving forward after a major loss, and if you are having trouble processing the strong feelings it brings on, JCA Mental Health can help you find the light in the darkness. Our team of highly experienced therapists is trained in a range of matters and fully understands your concerns. We are here to help you learn healthy ways to cope and make meaning of your emotions. Contact our office today to schedule an intake appointment.

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