Gender Affirming Medical Assessments

Gender Affirming Medical Assessments

Gender Affirming Medical Assessments in the Chicagoland Area

Are you looking to transition medically and need a letter of support? JCA Mental Health can help. We understand how difficult it can be to get access to transgender health care. That is why at JCA Mental Health, we provide assessments and letters for all gender-affirming care services. WPATH-trained and experienced working across several providers and insurance companies, we know exactly how to write a letter of support that will get you to the procedure you need quickly and efficiently.

We don’t charge extra for documentation because we hold the gate wide open.

There is no gatekeeping here, ever. When you call for a gender assessment, you will be paired with a clinician who will meet with you to do an in-depth interview and assessment per the WPATH Standards of Care. Depending on your age and the procedure desired, this can be anywhere from one to three sessions with the written documentation done with you right in the office. We consider this a normal part of a therapy session and do not believe in charging more for a service that is necessary for the betterment of the health of transgender folks.

Need more than one letter? We can do both.

Some procedures still require letters from two mental health professionals. Whether you’ve already secured one or need both, we can help. For folks looking for a second letter, we only require a single session in which we write the letter and assess it simultaneously. If you are someone who needs both, we assign two qualified mental health professionals to partner with you and write both letters quickly and efficiently in the least amount of time and cost to you.

Psychoeducation and helping you have informed consent are part of the plan

Some folks come in knowing a lot about transition procedures, and some don’t. We will make sure that you are fully aware of the risks and benefits as well as all other aspects of your selected transition procedure per the WPATH Standards of Care 8. It is part of the assessment process to ensure that you know exactly what you need to make the best, informed decision for yourself. Our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible. 

“But my Regular Therapist says he/she/they can write this”

It is critical that the clinician who is preparing your assessment and letter is formally trained and has had deep experience writing letters that get approved the first time. Many therapists know that this is an area of mental healthcare that is “booming.” Be sure when you are selecting a therapist, you are choosing one who is truly trained and can deliver your assessment and letter with the least amount of steps for you. This should be easy, and you should not be asked to pay more or go to numerous sessions to get a letter. 

What if I am under 18? Can I still be assessed?

Yes, we do assessments for folks under 18 as long as there is parental consent. In this case, the education is given to the client and his/hers/their parents together. We typically work with neighboring gender clinics to ensure you are getting exactly what is required in your letter to meet your physician/team’s needs.

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Our staff is here to support your journey at every step. To learn more about our gender-affirming services, including medical assessments, please call our office or send us a message online to get started.

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