Therapists made just for you, so you don’t have to jump around anymore.

There is nothing harder than baring your soul to a therapist just to be asked and prodded and expected to educate the therapist about your identity. At JCA Mental Health, we know what that feels like and strive to bring together clinicians who not only excel at therapy but are fully trained to be culturally competent and truly understand you regardless of how you identify. Part of the way we do this is through education, but most of the way we do this is by being a part of the communities to which you belong. There’s no better way to understand a person than to have that same lived experience.

This is not your Mom’s therapy. We are different.

From the moment you see us online to the moment you come into our space, you will see yourself here. We are fanatical about diversity and anti-racism. We value diversity and inclusion above all things. What does that mean to you? You come as you are – talk the way that feels comfortable, dress the way that feels comfortable, express authentically and be unapologetic about it. The essence of therapy is helping you become more YOU. In a world where that seems to be difficult, you can count on a safe space here to truly explore yourself, your relationships, and your goals to live the life you deserve.

Adolescents and Young Adults can and will be Empowered.

Get sick of hearing that you are not old enough to know who you are? To know what you want? Here all of that is out the window. You are unique and wonderful with gifts and strengths at any age. You will be treated with respect and can count on confidentiality that is granted to adults in therapy as well. We know you have to live in a family and our goal is to help you discern how to do that most successfully, regardless of cultural norms or expectations. You are on your own path, and it is our job to help you see that path and help you start your journey to becoming you.

Relationships have changed, and so have we.

Typical heterosexually-normed relationships are not always the norm. Our clinicians are trained and are poly-informed, kink and fetish-informed and thrive in working with non-monogamous or non-traditional family systems. At JCA Mental Health, we believe family is what you design, and we leave societal standards behind to see you and your family the way that will lead you to the most prosperous and effective relationships you can have.  

In Therapy, You are the Most Important Person in the World.

Yep, that’s right. This is your place, your time, and quite frankly, all about you. There is no judgment. You don’t have to be curious about us (but you are allowed to be). It is your hour to bare your soul and the things that matter to you without feeling like you are overstepping. Friends are great, but therapists are your best ally. We are here to focus one hundred percent on you. Where else can you get that kind of attention? Therapy is a process that doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, at JCA Mental Health, you will see lots of laughter and smiling as well as camaraderie and community right here.

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